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family owned. professional care. Hear our hearing aid difference.

family owned. professional care. Hear our hearing aid difference.

family owned. professional care. Hear our hearing aid difference.family owned. professional care. Hear our hearing aid difference.

Services: Hearing Tests and Hearing Aid Solutions

Hearing Test
Hearing Assessment

We Offer

  • No-Charge Hearing Assessments & Consultations

  • Dispense the Newest in Hearing Aid Technology & Wireless Accessories

  • Cerumen Management (earwax removal)

  • Re-chargeable Hearing Aid Solutions, No More Batteries!

  • Tinnitus Solutions

  • On-going support and counseling

  • On-site hearing aid repair and cleaning

  • Custom Musician's, Noise, Sleep and Swimming Earplugs

  • Assistive Listening Devices for the hard of hearing (TV devices, phone amplifiers, alarm clock, pocket talker, and much more)

  • Deegan Denture Clinic on site for your denture needs

the process



Step 1

Call or e-mail to book your no-charge hearing test and no-obligation hearing aid consultation.

Step 2

Receive your personalized hearing assessment, where we will discuss and explain your hearing results and possible hearing aid recommendations. If hearing loss is found and candidacy requirements are met, you may receive a free hearing aid demonstration in the same appointment. This allows you to hear the difference state-of-the-art hearing technology can make. Hear the difference for yourself! It's a great idea to bring along a loved one so you have a familiar voice to listen to and assess the possible benefits. 

Step 3:

Ready to try hearing aids in your own environments? This is the best way for you to determine your individual benefits. For example, you may be able to listen to the birds and leaves rustle on your walks,  lower the television volume and hear the dialogue more clearly, realize you heard your loved one the first time and didn't have to ask them to repeat. This trial period is so important for you to notice and assess the benefits for yourself. This trial period length is 60 days with a money back guarantee*. *Some conditions apply based on the technology selected. These details will be discussed in your initial appointment so you have all of the information to make the best choice for yourself.  We cannot stress enough that our main goal is to help you achieve better hearing and enjoy wearing your hearing aid devices everyday.  

Step 4

Enjoy better hearing! Please come back and see us for follow-up appointments. This will ensure that as you encounter new situations throughout the duration of wearing your hearing aids, even after the trial period, we can adjust the sound to ensure you get the best possible listening experience from your devices. There's a lot we can do to improve your sound, and honestly some things usually out of our control that we can't, however we will be open and honest with you about your options to ensure you are happy with our service. 

Step 5:

Annual hearing tests. We will call you annually for a hearing test and hearing aid check-up. This allows us to keep a close watch on your hearing ability and monitor any changes that may occur over time. Some minor changes  in your hearing annually are normal, and we will make the necessary adjustments to your hearing aids to accommodate these changes. This appointment also allows us to keep a close watch on your hearing aids and ensure they are working well. This is important so we can catch any possible repairs or performance issues tat may occur with long-term use. Cleanings are also very important. We encourage you to "walk-in" for a hearing aid cleaning anytime during business hours - no appointment required.  


Various Hearing Aid Manufacturers


  •  Starkey
  • Widex
  • GN ReSound
  • Phonak 
  • Sivantos (formerly known as Siemens)
  • Unitron
  • Bernafon
  • Oticon
  • Beltone
  • Sonic Innovations